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Electronic Kit Build: $5 Metal Detector Treasure Locator

Purchased here: DIY Kit Simple Metal. Kit build of a $5 electronic metal detector.

Science Project Mobile Phone Detector

A mobile phone detector can be used to detect mobile phone call.

Brainco Focus1, Wireless Brain Wave Detector,Translate Your Brainewaves to Electronics Signals

BrainCo Focus1 is a headband with a wirelss EEG(Electroencephalography) brain wave detector inside can translate your brainwaves into electronic signals, .

How To Make A Mobile Phone Detector

This Video Will Show You How To Make A Mobile Phone Detector In Easy Steps Things You Need: *CA3130 IC *BC548 Transistor *2. 2M Ω Resistor (x2) *100K.

Lie Detector Electronics Project

Facebook https://goo. gl/3R1SwJ Google+ https://goo. gl/igYDtw Recently a TV channel asked to use some footage of the lie detector project.

Latest News

  • Bruker Acquires Company XGLab with Unique X-Ray Detection ...

    08/07/17 ,via Markets Insider

    BERLIN, Aug. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruker today announced that it has acquired XGLab S.r.l., a company that develops and manufactures analytical 

  • Graphene heterostructure creates strong spin signals

    08/16/17 ,via New Electronics

    The research team showed that they could greatly improve the efficiency of the injection and detection of spin electrons into graphene by using the insulator boron nitride in between the graphene layer and the ferromagnetic spin injector/detector

  • Escort's Redline EX Radar Detector Builds In Bluetooth & GPS

    08/14/17 ,via Twice

    The GPS also enables it to adjust sensitivity to the vehicle's speed to provide alerts based on the driving situation, according to the company. It will ship in September with a $599 suggested retail. The KnowledgeFest show for the mobile electronics

  • Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world

    07/22/17 ,via Phys.Org

    Physical Sciences Laboratory electronics technician Andy Arbuckle soldering 150 micron CuBe wire on the anode panel assembly (APA). Four underground detector modules in South Dakota will each be two-thirds the size of a football field and …more.

  • Zecotek Receives LFS Scintillation Crystal Order for NeuroPET Brain Scanning Device

    08/16/17 ,via Markets Insider

    Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ZMS)(FRANKFURT: W1I)(OTC PINK: ZMSPF) is a photonics technology company developing high-performance scintillation crystals, photo detectors, positron emission tomography scanning technologies, 3D on building


  • Electronic Technology and the SLD Detector

    1990. 12 pages.

    The SLD detector consists of five major subsystems, each with associated front-end electronics and an integrated FASTBUS control and data acquisition system. This paper highlights the choices among electronic technologies that have been developed for the SLD detector electronics. The common control, calibration, and data acquisition architectures are described. The functions of selected SLD integrated circuits, standard cells, gate arrays, and hybrids are summarized, and the integration of...

  • Analog Electronics for Radiation Detection

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781498703574,1498703577. 290 pages.

    Analog Electronics for Radiation Detection showcases the latest advances in readout electronics for particle, or radiation, detectors. Featuring chapters written by international experts in their respective fields, this authoritative text: Defines the main design parameters of front-end circuitry developed in microelectronics technologies Explains the basis for the use of complementary metal–oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors for the detection of charged particles and other non-consumer...

  • Extreme Environment Electronics

    CRC Press. 2012. ISBN: 9781439874301,1439874301. 1041 pages.

    Unfriendly to conventional electronic devices, circuits, and systems, extreme environments represent a serious challenge to designers and mission architects. The first truly comprehensive guide to this specialized field, Extreme Environment Electronics explains the essential aspects of designing and using devices, circuits, and electronic systems intended to operate in extreme environments, including across wide temperature ranges and in radiation-intense scenarios such as space. The...

  • Multiplicity-Vertex Detector Electronics Development for Heavy-Ion Detectors

    1995. 6 pages.

    This paper presents the electronics work performed to date for the Multiplicity-Vertex Detector (MVD) for the PHENIX collaboration at RHIC. The detector consists of approximately 34,000 channels of both silicon strips and silicon pads. The per-channel signal processing chain consists of a pre-amplifier gain stage, a current mode summed multiplicity discriminator, a 64 deep analog memory (simultaneous read/write), an analog correlator, and a 10-bit microsecs ADC. The system controller or Heap...

  • Infrared sensors

    Society of Photo Optical. 1991. 251 pages.

large center stanford detector physics accelerator linear slac sld collider
We found it, the mother lode, the Flux Capacitor back from the Future
SLAC houses the longest linear accelerator in the world, making it "the world's straightest object". The main accelerator is buried 30 feet below ground passing underneath Highway 280, and colliding in this...
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google android app nexus metaldetector
google nexus android metal-detector app
google nexus android metal-detector app
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Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide detector that relays reading using bluetooth to a cell phone that can relay it to a web service (i think).
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Manufactures flame and gas sensors, and electronic fire and gas detection assemblies. Specializing in high hazard protection. Contact information for offices and ...

Sun Ray Detector Electronics

Sun Ray Detector Electronics. All Sun Ray Products are made and assembled in the U.S.A.!! Sun Ray Product Pages *** Sun Ray Stealth X-8 *** Sun Ray Stealth X-12 *** ...

Cobra Electronics Corporation I Radar Detectors, GPS, CB ...

Cobra Electronics is the leading global designer of mobile communications and navigation products in the United States, Canada, Europe and throughout the world.

RF Radiation Detector | Rookie Electronics | Electronics ...

A simple Radio frequency detector circuit. It detects cellular radiations and glows an LED. It converts the Radio radiations and converts them into electric current ...

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